Lighting principle

As a new type of decorative material, Glow in the dark Stone has become more and more popular on garden landscape and road paving in recent years, it absorbs sunlight and light, store energy, and glow in the dark without the need for electricity. Although its luminescence gradually decays over time, and its brightness cannot replace street lights, there are obvious advantages in saving energy in environments where weak lighting can be received.


Glow in the dark Stone can be widely used in roads, building materials, indoor and outdoor decoration, garden design and beautification and other fields. Its novel luminous effect and the characteristics of infinite recycling can not only beautify the environment, embellish and set off the landscape, but also provide practical features on night warning ,energy saving, and environmentally friendly.

Our advantage

According to the different luminous colors and shapes of Glow in the dark Stone, various and colorful patterns can be designed, which have broad application prospects in the fields of architectural decoration and home improvement.


They are suitable for various applications, and can meet specific requirement of different industries.

How Much Glow stones do I Need

The pictures show different density as reference. The needed quantity is decided by the required coverage and patterns.

Light Coverage in 10cmx10cm area.

Moderate Coverage in 10cmx10cm area.

Full Coverage in 10cmx10cm area.



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